Monday, August 9, 2010


Have you ever tired mineral make up? I have used it for over a year now and love it. Mineral make up is fast and easy to apply. This feature alone makes it a hit with busy mom’s and career women who want a great look without spending a lot of time in front of a mirror.

There are several secrets to applying mineral make up.

First, make sure you start with a clean face. Apply moisturizer and give it a few minutes to set into your skin.

Then, using a soft, rounded make up brush,dip into the mineral make up and lightly tap off any excess powder. Tapping your make up brush on the side of the mineral container removes excess make up from the brush as well as distrubutes the powder evenly through your brush.

With gentle soft dabs, apply the mineral make up to your cheeks, forhead, nose, mouth and chin area. Then take the same brush and swirl all around your face in small circular motions to distribute the make up evenly on your face. Be sure to get in close to the hair line with your swirls. The more you swirl your face, the more polished of a look you will get. Feel free to apply another light dusting of mineral make up if needed for those night time outings.

For a completed look, finish up by applying your favorite blush, eye make up and lip color.

Mineral make up is fast, easy to use, and healthy for your skin


Achieving a beautifully natural look starts with the right foundation.
First, be sure you are using makeup for African American skin tones so that it matches your complexion as closely as possible. Use a light base foundation to even out your complexion and create a smooth, uniform canvas. Another option is to mix your liquid foundation with your moisturizer. This way, you moisturize and apply a base at the same time.

Next, apply a light dusting of loose powder in a shade that matches your face as closely as possible.

Apply cream blushes beneath face powder, and powder blushes after face powder. Whichever blush you choose, make sure you blend, blend and blend some more for a natural look.

Now for your eyes. Use eye makeup tips for women with brown eyes and hazel eyes. Earth tones, as well as chocolate and taupe shadows will look great for darker skin. For women with lighter skin, a pale dusting of pink or peach eye shadow will look natural. If your eyelashes are naturally long and thick, just curl them with an eyelash curler. Otherwise, apply one to two coats of black mascara and your look is nearly complete.

Last but not least, apply color to lips for that finishing touch. There are many options available, especially with the sheer and glossy lip colors out there now. Wearing lip colors in shades of Clear, Pink, Peach, Bronze, Gold or Chocolate will complete you natural, polished look. And remember, always use skin care and makeup products that have and SPF of at least 15 to protect yourself from harmful sun rays.