Monday, May 17, 2010

It's The Inner Beauty That Counts

Wedding bells seem to be everywhere lately!  Have you noticed it?  It's more than just the normal June prime time wedding season.  This year 3 people very close to me will be married within a month of each other.  I had the pleasure of spending the day with one of these brides-to-be.  What an exciting time it was.  Listening to her plans, sensing her excitement with that special "I'm a bride" smile, seeing the love in her eyes when that special someone is mentioned. We laughed a lot, shared a lot, and shopped a lot!  Our  feet got tired, our money dwindled, but that look....the look of an excited, smiling, loving bride never changed.

I've learned that you can tell a lot by looking and watching the eyes of others.  In a way, it's like catching a glimpse of their soul.  And I found that I really liked what I saw in those bride-to-be eyes.  Because what I saw was a very firm foundation built with solid morals, respect for others, love for God, her family and her husband-to-be.  I didn't see "rescue me." I saw confidence. Confidence that this man was worthy of the special love she had to offer him. 

She was beautiful today.  And it had nothing to do with her makeup.  Makeup can hide a lot of flaws.  It can also compliment many physical features.  But true beauty comes from within and pours out to others through the eyes and smiles of those who posses it.
Darlin' you are gonna make a beautiful bride because You Are Beautifully Made!

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